All-Purpose Pet Balm

Product No. P-82702-100
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Pro-Sense Pet Balm works to effectively heal and protect your dog or cat’s dry, cracked skin and paws. This easy-to-use formula is also effective on minor rashes, scratches, and insect bites.

  • For dogs and cats
  • For use on dry, cracked skin and paws
  • Also effective on minor rashes, scratches, and insect bites

With activity, many dogs and cats can cut or scrape their paws and pads. This balm forms a barrier to protect the affected area and promote healing.

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Using your finger or a cotton swab, apply the pet balm directly on the affected area. Repeat as needed until the area is back to normal.

Paraffin Wax, Petrolatum, Glycerin, Hydroxyquinoline, Water, Lanolin.