Hairball Solutions

The only sound that travels more quickly than the speed of light, you may ask? The sound of your cat about to vomit on your favorite bedspread in the middle of the night is bound to jolt you awake and into action at warp speed. Many problems can cause your kitty to upchuck, so a full workup by your veterinarian is necessary to properly diagnose and treat your cat’s underlying problem. Everything otherwise check out okay by your vet? Your cat may simply be battling hairballs.

Hairballs (medically termed “trichobezoars”) pose a gastrointestinal nuisance for many kitties, particularly for long-haired cats. As felines are fastidious groomers, their rough tongues act as natural brushes while they lick themselves clean, allowing hairballs to form as ingested fur accumulates in the GI tract. Some hairballs may pass easily through the intestines while others may cause vomiting in certain cats, seen as tubular clumps of fur. Reducing the chance of hairball development starts with speaking to your vet about ways of improving your cat’s overall GI health. Moreover, regularly brushing your cat’s fur helps remove many loose hairs that would otherwise be swallowed during your cat’s grooming routine.

Additionally, speak to your vet about Pro·Sense® Hairball Solutions. Pro·Sense® Hairball Solutions is a yummy salmon-flavored oral paste formulated to help reduce hairballs with regular use. This over-the-counter product works by gently lubricating your cat’s GI system to prevent fur from clumping and to facilitate hairballs in being passed through your cat’s digestive tract. This tasty sugar-free paste can easily be applied to your cat’s paw to then be licked off by your content kitty. No need to fight with your feline companion to administer this easy-to-use product! Your fluffy cat is likely to soon be shedding his or her winter coat, thereby increasing the probability of hairball problems this spring, so ask your vet if Pro·Sense® Hairball Solutions is right for your cat today!

- Maranda Elswick, DVM – The Meowing Vet, LLC (

Dr. Elswick was compensated by Pro·Sense® brand for writing this blog post.