Meet Jeramiah, a beagle found just barely holding on to life.

Late at night on Sunday, December 18th, Needy Paws Rescue got a call about a beagle named Jeramiah. It was a call described as one those in dog rescue “dread.” A rescuer picked up an emaciated beagle that had been chained outdoors with no shelter.

This particular puppy has a story that predates his pickup. Needy Paws Rescue had agreed to take him in Monday of the previous week and pick him up that Thursday. His owners stopped communicating with the rescuer and transporter, however, so he suffered miserably all weekend.  When he was finally rescued he was in bad shape. Frozen, barely responsive and barely breathing, Needy Paws Rescue knew that time was critical to save this guy.

Katrina, one of his rescuers, drove him from Farmington, MO to the Needy Paws Rescue emergency vet in St. Louis, MO late the night of December 18th. He was in good hands and in the best care possible.

Initial blood work showed that his kidneys and liver started to fail and Needy Paws Rescue got him within hours of freezing to death. Although he was weak and shaky, Jeramiah began eating and drinking after being brought in. Needy Paws Rescue was determined to get him warmed up and begin showing him what the good life is all about.

After receiving rest and nourishment throughout the days following his rescue, Jeramiah was able to check in to his medical foster home. There, he spent time continuing to gain back his strength and was able to get his first bath just in time for Christmas! 

On January 3rd Jeramiah was strong enough to move out of his medical foster home and into a permanent one. There he will continue down the path to full recovery until he is well enough to be adopted. Jeramiah is a fighter and his recovery is a miracle made possible by Needy Paws Rescue.

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