Pet Calming Solutions for July 4th

Crrrrrrack! The sharp, snapping sound of fireworks in the air is followed imminently by a multicolored light display as the night sky briefly flashes in a spectacle of color. While you and your family (all bedecked in red, white and blue) may be excited to witness a magnificent Fourth of July firework display, chances are your dog or cat don’t feel the same. Many pets are extremely terrified of the loud, crackling noise accompanying fireworks – like a giant whip snapping threateningly in the air without warning. Pets who are afraid of fireworks and other loud noises may panic, potentially hurting themselves in an attempt to escape the commotion, or else becoming lost if they run away. Other dogs and cats may also become nervous and fearful due to other raucous holiday events, such as being surrounded by an assembly of strangers at your neighborhood barbeque or local Independence Day parade.

Whatever the culprit of your pets’ anxiety may be, you can help keep them safe by taking certain precautions leading up to a stressful event. First, talk to your veterinarian about microchipping your pet; should your pet flee in fright, a microchip increases the chances you’ll be reunited with your furry friend. Second, reconsider bringing your pet as your “plus one” to that neighborhood party. If your dog and cat are afraid of crowds and loud noises, leave them in a secured location at home surrounded by their comforts – maybe a toy, a dog bone or one of your T-shirts that carries your scent. Your pet may then begin to associate fireworks with something pleasant, potentially reducing his or her fear over time. Furthermore, some dogs also feel safe when swaddled in a calming wrap. If, however, your pet is experiencing overwhelming anxiety due to fireworks, thunderstorms or other loud noises, consider enlisting the help of a certified trainer or veterinary behaviorist.

In the meantime, ask your vet if the Pro·Sense® line of over-the-counter calming tablets is right for your dog. Pro·Sense Calming Solutions Tablets for dogs contain chamomile and ginger, as well as antioxidants to provide support during environmental stress. Additionally, Pro·Sense Plus Calming Solutions with Melatonin for dogs is a time-release formula to help reduce the effects of normal environment stress. 

You can help your pet celebrate in comfort and security by following our holiday safety tips and considering a Pro·Sense calming product. Happy Fourth of July!

- Maranda Elswick, DVM – The Meowing Vet, LLC (

Dr. Elswick was compensated by Pro·Sense® brand for writing this blog post.