Pet Dental Health Month

February serves as Pet Dental Health Month, so what better time than now to discuss your dog or cat’s dental care? Not only can breath odor be a deal-breaker in finding a human companion, but we may also be less than thrilled to receive smelly doggie kisses from our canine companions. However, proper dental care extends beyond simply managing breath odor. A clean mouth is vital to your dog or cat’s overall health. Regularly maintaining your pet’s dental health can help prevent plaque and tartar build-up. Based on the degree of plaque or tartar build-up on your pet’s teeth, your veterinarian may recommend periodic dental cleanings. Regular check-ups with your vet grant him or her an opportunity to examine your cat or dog’s mouth to detect signs of dental concerns and initiate treatment as early as possible.

In between professional cleanings, your vet will encourage you to brush your pet’s teeth at home to fight plaque and tartar accumulation. Pro·Sense® offers the perfect toothbrush kit with clear safety instructions to help get your pet used to having his or her teeth cleaned. Pro·Sense® Dental Solutions 3-Piece Starter Kit for dogs contains both an introductory finger brush as well as a dual-head toothbrush accompanied by a tube of enzymatic toothpaste that helps fight plaque build-up and is safe if swallowed when used as directed. Ideally, your pet’s teeth should be brushed daily. To optimize your dog’s at-home brushing regimen, consider Pro·Sense® Dental Solutions Water Additive, which contains peppermint to freshen your pet’s breath and make your pup snuggle-ready. Feeding crunchy dry kibble rather than soft foods as well as offering dental treats and toys specially designed for dental care are also helpful in improving dental health. Sorry, Tooth Fairy; our pets won’t be scheduling a visit from you anytime soon.

- Maranda Elswick, DVM – The Meowing Vet, LLC (

Dr. Elswick was compensated by Pro·Sense® brand for writing this blog post.