Wound Cleaning Solutions

Have you picked your Halloween costume yet? Perhaps you’ve chosen something silly or flirty. Instead, maybe you’ve decided to go all-out in a terrifying monster costume, complete with fake blood and expertly applied gory wound makeup. Whatever your Halloween style may be, one thing is sure to make any pet owner gasp in fright: a pet in need of wound care. Oh, the horror!

Fortunately, Pro·Sense® brand came dressed to the Halloween party as a superhero, with complete over-the-counter first aid products to treat your dog’s minor cuts and abrasions. Pro·Sense® Wound Cleaning Solutions Antiseptic Spray for dogs is a medicated topical antiseptic that aids in the healing process. It has a soothing and non-stinging formula with aloe vera. This canine antiseptic spray also contains a bitter-tasting chew deterrent to discourage your dog from irritating the wound through chewing.

For chronic wounds, minor skin burns and external ulcers, consider Pro·Sense® Plus Wound Bandage Solutions for dogs. This non-stinging formula is suitable for all dogs of all sizes. This product acts as a liquid bandage to help seal and protect mild skin wounds.

While minor cuts and abrasions may be treated at home with proper care, seek immediate veterinary attention if your pet has a wound that is large, deep, bleeds excessively, or shows obvious signs of infection (such as discharge, pus formation or malodor). For mild wounds, treat yourself (and your dog) to the handy first aid tricks that the over-the-counter line of Pro·Sense® Wound Cleaning Solutions has to offer.

- Maranda Elswick, DVM – The Meowing Vet, LLC (www.themeowingvet.com)

Dr. Elswick was compensated by Pro·Sense® brand for writing this blog post